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European Community Directive on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications.

Published 01 May 1991Circulars

This circular states the level of substitute cover which may be provided for teachers in recognised teachers’ organisations who are absent from school on union business.

Published 09 January 1991Circulars

Amendment to Circular 1985/15

Published 19 December 1990Circulars

This circular contains advice for principals on the making of directions excepting pupils from the statutory curriculum  and assessment requirements on a temporary basis.

Published 28 August 1990Circulars

This circular introduces the new provision for compulsory school age of children in primary schools with effect from the 1990/91 school year.

Published 18 July 1990Circulars

Order to bring into operation certain curriculum provisions of the Education Reform (NI) Order 1989 ("the 1989 Order")

Published 09 July 1990Circulars

This Circular is to advise employing authorities and teachers that the Department has reviewed its administrative procedures relating to the notification of appointment of temporary teachers paid on a daily basis and hourly-paid part-time school teachers with a view to further

Published 04 September 1989Circulars

The Department wishes to draw attention to the Teachers' (Terms and Conditions of EMployment) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1988 - SR 1988 No 299, which came into operation on 1 September 1988.

Published 08 September 1988Circulars

Agreement has now been reached by the Teachers' Negotiating Machinery in relation to a revised promotion structure for peripatetic teachers to take effect from 1 September 1988

Published 31 August 1988Circulars

This circular is to advise employing authorities and Principals of new arrangements for the employment of substitute teachers which will apply from 1 September 1988.

Published 26 August 1988Circulars

Please see below:

Published 11 August 1988Legislation and regulations

The attached circular details the position regarding directed time as specified in the Teachers Pay and Conditions of Service Agreement.

Published 18 November 1987Circulars

Support and guidance on the pay and conditions of service for teaching staff in grant-aided schools, and to peripatetic teachers.

Published 01 August 1987Guidance literature

The Department wishes to draw attention to the Teachers' (Terms and Conditions of Employment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1987 - SR 1987 No 267, which came into operations on 1 August 1987

Published 31 July 1987Circulars

Agreement regarding the pay and conditions of teachers - referred to as the Jordanstown Agreement.

Published 02 June 1987Circulars

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