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Resource file for use by schools for special educational needs (SEN)

Published 08 June 2011Guidance literature

The findings from the consultation with parents about the Department of Education’s Early Years Strategy.

Published 02 June 2011Consultation reports

The DE/DEL CEIAG Implementation Report - Preparing for Success was launched at Greenmount Agricultural College 1 June 2011 by both Minister for Education and Minister for Employment and Learning.

Published 01 June 2011Guidance literature

This letter sets out the arrangements which the Department is putting in place for dealing with child protection referrals made to social services during the summer holidays which require information held by schools.

Published 31 May 2011Correspondence

This circular provides advice on the movement of student details between school sectors.

Published 28 May 2011Circulars

This statistical bulletin presents an analysis of the GCSE and A-level qualifications and destinations of pupils leaving post-primary schools in 2009/10.

Published 26 May 2011Statistical reports

This letter is to ask to alert pupils of the need to be aware of the potential for misuse of personal material placed on social networking sites and the use of privacy settings when posting images of themselves.

Published 24 May 2011Correspondence

This Circular provides information for schools on the literacy and numeracy strategy, published on 22nd March 2011.

Published 13 May 2011Circulars

This document explains how all contractors wishing to be considered for a building or engineering contract grant-aided by the Department of Education must be in possession of a current Unique Tax Reference Number under the Inland Revenue Construction Industry Scheme.

Published 06 May 2011Contract management

A summary of key Northern Ireland Education statistics from 1998/99 to 2010/11. 

Published 30 April 2011Statistical reports

The purpose of this publication is to present findings from the Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey - Education module 2011.

Published 29 April 2011Research and analysis

This circular provides advice about the re-employment of prematurely retired teachers.

Published 15 April 2011Circulars

The purpose of this statistical bulletin is to present detailed, final attendance figures for schools for the 2009/10 academic year. It includes information on the rates of absence, type of absence and reason for absence.

Published 31 March 2011Statistical reports

The STEM Strategy - helping to empower future generations through science, technology, engineering and mathematics to grow a dynamic, innovative economy.

Published 31 March 2011Policy papers

The purpose of these statistics is to present suspensions and expulsions figures for schools for the 2009/10 academic year. It includes information on the rates of suspension and expulsion and the reason for suspension and expulsion.

Published 31 March 2011Statistical reports

This circular provides information about changes to the treatment of tax relief for pensions

Published 31 March 2011Circulars

Department of Education Resource Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011

Published 31 March 2011Financial plans and reports

This circular provides guidance to schools on school uniform policy.


Published 30 March 2011Circulars

The purpose of this statistical release is to present a detailed analysis of enrolment figures for schools in Northern Ireland for 2010/11. The data are taken from the school census, which ran in October 2010. 

Published 25 March 2011Statistical reports

The purpose of this statistical bulletin is to provide results of the annual data collection relating to the uptake of school meals in Northern Ireland schools in 2010/11.

Published 24 March 2011Statistical reports

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