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This Circular advises that as from 1 August 2008 substitute teachers employed by schools must be booked on-line via the Northern Ireland Substitute Teachers Register.

Published 14 May 2008Circulars

This circular advises that the Department of Education, in exercise of the powers conferred by the Special Educational Needs and Disability (Northern Ireland) Order 2005, has made two sets of regulations which make it unlawful for general qualifications bodies to discriminate

Published 09 May 2008Circulars

This leaflet gives some ways for schools, parents and pupils to help each other in promoting good behaviour at school.

Published 21 April 2008Guidance literature

The purpose of these statistics is to present suspensions and expulsions figures for schools for the 2006/07 academic year. It includes information on the rates of suspension and expulsion and the reason for suspension and expulsion.

Published 01 April 2008Statistical reports

Child protection: pre-employment checking of persons to work in schools - new arrangements.

Published 13 March 2008Circulars

The fundamental focus of this research was on the interface between informal learning and formal settings.

Published 29 February 2008Research and analysis

The aim of this research was to pilot a range of methods for e-consultation with young people with a view to providing an evidence base for the development of an effective e-consultation strategy for the Department of Education and other educational policy makers.

Published 29 February 2008Research and analysis

The aims of this study were to consider the outcomes in literacy and numeracy at school-level, explore the international literature on boys’ underachievement and examine the differences between high and low performing schools.

Published 29 February 2008Research and analysis

The aim of this study was to inform the Department of Education about measures which are working successfully in delivering better literacy and numeracy outcomes in comparator cities elsewhere in Great Britain and Ireland where the level of social deprivation is comparable to,

Published 29 February 2008Research and analysis

The purpose of this statistical release is to present a more detailed analysis of enrolment figures for schools in Northern Ireland. The data are taken from the school census exercise, which ran in October 2007. 

Published 26 February 2008Statistical reports

Most children with medication needs are able to attend school regularly and, with some support from the school, can take part in the majority of school activities.

Published 01 February 2008Guidance literature

Guidance to aid schools in supporting pupils with medication needs. This publication contains forms for schools to download.

Published 01 February 2008Forms

This policy aims to support schools and teachers in their work to raise standards and overcome barriers to learning some pupils may face. 

Published 17 January 2008Policy papers

This policy includes advice on the monitoring of teacher absence reported as sickness absence.

Published 01 January 2008Circulars

Student achievemnt in Northern Ireland : Results in mathematics, science and reading among 15-year olds from the OECD PISA 2006 study.

Published 03 December 2007Research and analysis

Advice for parents and carers on dealing with cyber-bullying.

Published 15 November 2007Guidance literature

A guidance leaflet for parents and carers.

Published 15 November 2007Guidance literature

Qualifications required to be eligible to teach in grantaided schools in Northern Ireland.

Published 10 October 2007Circulars

This report, which was commissioned by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland, builds on an earlier report, Student Achievement in Northern Ireland: Results in Mathematical, Reading and Scientific Literacy among 15-year Olds from the OECD PISA 2003 Study (Goodard, Ahm

Published 01 October 2007Research and analysis

This purpose of this statistical bulletin is to provide details of participation by 16 and 17 year olds in full-time education and vocational training in Northern Ireland (NI) for 2006/07.

Published 18 September 2007Statistical reports

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