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Increase to admissions and enrolment numbers - approved.

Published 03 January 2020Decisions

To establish a new nursery unit - Approved.

Published 19 December 2019Decisions

This circular, issued by the Department of Education, sets out the process and criteria which are applied to approve qualifications for use in schools in NI.  It also provides details on how the NIEFQAN file should be used.

Published 18 December 2019Circulars

Guidance on Qualification Approval Process

Published 17 December 2019Guidance literature

This statistical bulletin contains an analysis of the examination performance of Year 12 and Year 14 pupils in Northern Ireland in the 2018/19 academic year.

Published 17 December 2019Statistical reports

Children and Young People’s Strategy 2019-2029

Published 16 December 2019Guidance literature

Children and Young People’s Strategy 2019-2029 (Easy read)

Published 16 December 2019Guidance literature

The Department and the Education Authority are now planning for Transfer 2020 and beyond.  

Published 12 December 2019Legislation and regulations

Equality and Human Rights Policy Screening for - Protocol for selection of a school for a temporary increase to the schools admission number - Transfer 2020

Published 11 December 2019Policy papers

Delivering the Entitlement Framework: Guidance to Schools 2019/20

Published 05 December 2019Circulars

Northern Ireland findings from the Programme for International Student Assessment, an international study that produces research reports relating to education.

Published 03 December 2019Research and analysis

Full Service Community Network Annual Report 2018/19

Published 03 December 2019Circulars

Extended Schools Annual Report 2018/19


Please see latest report on Extended Schools compiled by the Education Authority.

Published 28 November 2019Guidance literature

 Annual Report 2018/19

Published 26 November 2019Policy papers

Increase Admissions & Enrolment Numbers

Published 21 November 2019Decisions


Published 20 November 2019Decisions

PISA 2021 - Privacy Notice

Published 19 November 2019Guidance literature


Published 19 November 2019Decisions

The McCloud Judgement - Joint- Statement - January 2020


Published 15 November 2019Correspondence

3+ Review - Guidance for Pre-School Settings 

Published 12 November 2019Guidance literature

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