Membership elections

Application forms relating to membership elections. Membership elections are decisions relating to your pension scheme including opting out, applying for a refund of contributions and nominating a partner for death benefits

Opt out of or join our scheme

Opt out of and/or apply for a Refund of Pension Contributions or elect to join

Use this form to elect to opt out of our scheme and/or to apply for a refund of pensions contributions:.

Use this form to elect to join our scheme.

Death benefits

Use this form to nominate a partner for death benefits.

Financial dependant relative

Use this form to nominate a financial dependant relative (not a partner).

Purchase additional pension

Members are required to contact the Department in writing to request the cost of purchasing additional pension in the first instance Once the cost is confirmed, members should complete and return form TP90 to elect to purchase additional pension.

Pension sharing order

Use this form for the purpose of a former spouse or former registered civil partner who is credited with pension rights in the scheme by virtue of a pension sharing order.

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