Partner benefits

Information on what benefits your partner will receive after you die and the form for nominating a partner to receive a pension from the Northern Ireland Teachers' Pension Scheme.

Will my partner receive a pension after I die?

Yes, provided you have made a nomination and certain conditions are met at the time of your death.

What are the conditions?

They include:

  • you must have lived with your partner in a permanent exclusive relationship for a minimum of two years
  • you must be legally free to marry or to enter into a civil partnership
  • you and your partner must be financially interdependent

What is meant by financial interdependency?

Some examples of financial interdependency are given below, but these are not exhaustive and not all need to be met.  Typically interdependency means:

  • you share a household and its related spending
  • you have a joint bank account or mortgage
  • you have made wills naming each other as beneficiaries
  • you have mutual power of attorney
  • you do not need to demonstrate financial interdependency at the time you nominate your partner (this will be checked after you die)

What service will count towards my partner’s pension?

Only service from 1 April 2007 will count automatically towards a pension for your partner. If you were a member before that date you may be able to cover previous service by paying extra contributions.

How do I tell you who my partner is?

You need to complete a nomination application form.

What do I do if my partner and I decide not to live together?

You should inform us that your nomination no longer applies. 

Nomination of partner

You should use this form if you wish to nominate your partner to receive a pension from the Northern Ireland Teachers' Pension Scheme (NITPS) after your death (provided certain conditions are met)

Nomination for death grant

You may use this form to nominate a person to receive your death grant should you die in service

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