Pension circulars

Circulars produced by the Department of Education in relation to the Northern Ireland Teachers' Pension Scheme (NITPS).

Salary bands for contribution rates

This circular updates information about salary bands for contribution rates for members of the NITPS from April 2017.

Previous contribution rates circular

This circular updates information about contribution rates for members of the NITPS from April 2015.

Efficient discharge

This circular provides details on the requirements governing the operation of Efficient Discharge in the 2015/16 financial year.

Prematurely retired teachers

This circular provides advice about the re-employment of prematurely retired teachers.

This circular provides guidance on changes to the Teachers' Premature Retirement Compensation Scheme ("the Scheme") in Northern Ireland.

Tax-relief for pensions

This circular provides information about changes to the treatment of tax relief for pensions.

Ill-health retirement applications

This circular sets out modified arrangements for the processing of ill-health retirement applications by members of the Northern Ireland Teachers' Superannuation Scheme.

Estimates of pension benefits

This circular advises of the procedure for requesting estimates of pension benefits.

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